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A 23-year-old award-winning Photographer and Graphic Designer from Mumbai, India.

Raised amongst a family of artists, I developed a keen eye towards photography and art. 

My approach towards the picture is not just clicking the capture button but to narrate a story about the subject in the frame.

My photography style is mostly dark,

de-saturated, intense and surrealistic. I look after encapsulating the perfect expression and emotion from the model and creating a mood. Every human for me is like a storybook and when I click their pictures, I’m the narrator. I look for the hidden expressions, emotions and stories or anything that stands out of the ordinary. I become a part of their story. 

People are like stories; an epic tale comes along with each person. I like bringing out everything they try to hide; their emotions, expressions, stories, dreams, pains, their happiness, anger, frustrations and all of their human emotions. Everything that a person is scared to express, serves as a root for my practice.

Light and Shadow_edited_edited.jpg

interview with eat my news

Mumbai, India


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